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Powerhouse sisters coming
together to create magic
for their clients.

Soul Care Sisters, Rain and Sky Jarrett of Transcend LLC help parent leaders stress less and live more! Combining their expertise in brain-science, mindfulness, social & emotional development, and leadership maturity, these powerhouse sisters provide the life skills that unlock deep, life-changing personal transformation. 

Having travelled the world supporting and speaking to parents, corporate leaders, and community members across Europe, Asia, North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America for clients like Google, Enterprise, Carnival Cruise Line, JMMB and others, Rain and Sky have made it their life work to continue spreading their gifts, life lessons, and knowledge beyond the corporate walls. 

The Soul Sisters of Transcend believe in living a life of meaning…one that leaves an imprint in the hearts, minds, and souls of their clients.

In their most recent work, Rain and Sky are introducing, Relaxed Hustle, which is a lifestyle, a way of living in the flow of life and not going against the grain. To learn more about this inspired vision visit Relaxed Hustle.

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Transform Yourself.

Inspired by a vision of universal human flourishing, Transcend is committed to helping leaders and parents harness more of their authentic power to achieve greater success with more ease.

Our work integrates cutting-edge neuroscience with strategies in mindfulness, human performance, social & emotional development, and resilience.

Sky  Jarrett
Founder / CEO

Sky Jarrett is an executive coach and pioneer of 21st century leadership. She has a passion for unlocking human excellence and specializes in using cutting-edge brain science to help leaders develop the mental fitness to more easily identify the barriers to their success and crush them!

As a leadership and organization development consultant at one of the world’s largest consulting firms, Sky has 12+ years of specialized expertise in large-scale transformations helping organizations transform their culture, performance, and leaders from within.

Sky is also a certified instructor, advocate, and change agent for mindfulness and has been instrumental in bringing mindfulness to Fortune 500 companies. She is committed to growing the reach of mindfulness across industries and geographies as a way of expanding the human capacity to deal with the relentless and fast-paced challenges of life in the 21st century.

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Rain  Jarrett
Founder / Executive Director

Rain Jarrett is an educator and subject matter expert on social and emotional learning & development, inclusion and diversity, mindful parenting, and mindfulness in schools.

With over 10 years of experience in the classroom Rain has extensive knowledge and specialized expertise in curriculum design & instruction in the areas of culture, race relations, sex, and gender. Being a parent, educator and certified mindfulness instructor has allowed Rain to cultivate a unique understanding of learning and development and applies her own mindful parenting tools in her daily life.  

​Rain is passionate about spreading mindfulness in the classroom and arming children and adults will the skills to build resilience and navigate life’s challenges. Rain strongly believes that by focusing on building resilience and creating healthy balances in life, people are able to have more positive experiences, live fuller lives and truly step into their greatness!


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