Personal Mastery Powered by Mindfulness
April 11th, 2021

11am EST each Sunday

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How would you describe life these days?
Busy? Crazy? Hectic? Exhausting? Weird? Beautiful? Magical? Precious? A gift?

Life for us? Well, it’s….lifey. It’s both beautiful and hard,
challenging and promising, and also just non-stop!

The speed of life is the fastest it has ever been and…don’t kill the messenger here….
but it’s also the slowest it will ever be! Can you imagine things speeding up or getting crazier than it already is?

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.”  
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn  

Building a successful business amidst the craziness of the pandemic while homeschooling and being a caregiver to our mom during the most tumultuous moments of her cancer journey, mindfulness has become our surfboard allowing us to ride these crazy waves with more joy and ease. We’ve created this program to teach you how to make it yours too.


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The world is crazy, life is crazy, work is crazy, home is crazy, and you feel like you’re going crazy! You’re doing everything you can, to be the best you can and yet it doesn’t feel like enough. Do you sometimes feel like you aren’t able to respond to life’s chaos and unending demands with the kind of joy and ease you would like to?

Powered by the core gifts of mindfulness, this program “M-Powers” you to become more RESPONSE-ABLE in managing the stress and challenges life throws your way.

How this Program Can
Change Your Life

This 4-week mindfulness program is thoughtfully designed to “M-Power” you to build mastery in the 5 most fundamental personal powers mindfulness has to offer:

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The Power of the Breath

Learning how to tap in to deeper levels of relaxation, release tension in the mind and body, and find more calm and stillness

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The Power of Awareness

Learning how to sink in to a quality of presence that allows you to see life more clearly, uncovering valuable insights and gaining greater clarity on the issues and areas of your life that are most important to you…even things you may not yet be aware of

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The Power of Mastering the Mind

The difference between misery and happiness is where you choose to put your attention. Mastering the mind is about learning how to gain command of your attention, weed out the unhelpful habitual thought patterns, and focus on the powerful thoughts that will allow you to create the reality you want for your life.

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The Power of Emotional Mastery

With hard times comes hard emotions. Building emotional mastery involves learning how to direct your emotional states by increasing your emotional literacy and rewiring old emotional patterns making your emotions work for you.

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The Power of Loving Kindness + Compassion

Build the tools to significantly improve the quality of your relationships by learning how to love yourself and others with a more open heart and increased resourcefulness.

Each week, you’ll walk away with a combined understanding of the brain science, mental strategies, and most importantly, the practical techniques for how to practice and apply these personal powers across the various areas of your life.

“Life is the practice and the practice is life.”
~ Unknown

Knowing and doing are two different things. This program is intentionally designed to help you integrate these personal powers into your life enhancing your personal mastery at home and at work, improving the quality of your relationship with yourself, your kids, your team, your family and loved ones, and boosting your resilience with a set of scientifically proven life skills.

What’s included:

  • Community calls: Meet with like-minded individuals on the M-Power journey during these live 75-minute calls with Soul Sisters Rain and Sky. By popular demand, calls will be held on Sundays at 11am ET for 4 consecutive weeks starting on March 28th.
  • Daily guided meditations: 10-minute mind training practices to help you really deepen and hone your skills in each of these personal powers.  
  • Community Group: Exclusive access to our Facebook Group as a powerful reminder that you’re not on this journey alone. Leverage the accountability, knowledge exchange, lessons learned, and support from your fellow Transcenders and instructors!

Wondering if this program is for you? It’s either a HECK YES or a HECK NO!

  • Are you actively committed to your growth and personal development ?
  • Are you ready to start responding differently to the stress and chaos of your busy life ?
  • Are you interested in starting or deepening your mindfulness practice ?
  • Have you tried meditating and /or other forms of contemplative practices but haven’t been successful in sustaining your efforts?
  • Are you ready to feel more resourceful, more resilient, better equipped to deal with the challenges of life?
  • Are you excited to be in community and connect with like-minded souls on the same mission to creating a more joyful life?
  • Are you serious about becoming a calmer, more relaxed version of yourself?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, then it’s a HECK YES!

I’m IN!

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What’s the success rate?

While we can’t promise specific outcomes for each individual, research has proven that a daily practice of 10-20 minutes of mindfulness meditation has shown positive results as well as physical changes in the brain namely, an increased pre-frontal cortex.

What level of commitment does the program require?

Weekly 75-minute community calls Weekly, sometimes daily Facebook Group check-ins Daily 10-minute meditation What you give is what you get.

What if I can’t make the calls?

Community building is a huge component of the Transcend Tribe experience. As such, we hope and look forward to having you on the calls and will also make the recordings available for you in the event you’re unable to join live.

How much does the program cost?

The suggested price for the program is $333. Our mission however, is to make all of our programs accessible and as such, our fee-based offerings have a limited number of pay-what-you-can spots available to support members of marginalized communities and those with financial need. 

These spots are offered on a first-come first serve basis. In order for this support to be available, we rely on those who can afford to pay the full price to do so. We are counting on you to be an honest participant in our trust economy and ask that you pay at the highest level you can afford.

You'll see the "name a fair price" when you go to check-out. 

Your Intructors
sky jarrett drinking coffee

Sky Jarrett

Sky Jarrett is a Transformational Leadership Coach and Mindfulness Instructor helping parent leaders stress less and live more! With combined expertise in brain-science, mindfulness, and leadership effectiveness, Sky supports her clients in cultivating the skills to unlock deep, life-changing personal transformation.

Having travelled the world supporting and speaking to corporate leaders, and community members across Europe, Asia, North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America for clients like Google, Enterprise, Carnival Cruise Line, Blue Cross Blue Shield, hp, and others, Sky has made it her life work to continue spreading her expertise, life lessons, and the gifts of mindfulness beyond the corporate walls.

Sky believes in living a life of meaning… one that leaves an imprint in the hearts, minds, and souls of the parent leaders she is honored to serve.  

Rain Jarrett smiling, looking at the camera

Rain  Jarrett

Rain Jarrett is an educator and subject matter expert on social and emotional learning & development, inclusion and diversity, mindful parenting, and mindfulness in schools.

With over 10 years of experience in the classroom Rain has extensive knowledge and specialized expertise in curriculum design & instruction in the areas of culture, race relations, sex, and gender. Being a parent, educator and certified mindfulness instructor has allowed Rain to cultivate a unique understanding of learning and development and applies her own mindful parenting tools in her daily life.  

​Rain is passionate about spreading mindfulness in the classroom and arming children and adults will the skills to build resilience and navigate life’s challenges. Rain strongly believes that by focusing on building resilience and creating healthy balances in life, people are able to have more positive experiences, live fuller lives and truly step into their greatness!

Pricing Plans

Our mission is to make all of our programs accessible.

Every fee-based offering has a limited number of pay-what-you-can spots available to support members of marginalized communities and those with financial need.

These spots are offered on a first-come first serve basis. In order for this support to be available, we rely on those who can afford to pay the full price to do so. We are counting on you to be an honest participant in our trust economy and ask that you pay at the highest level you can afford.

You'll see the "name a fair price" when you go to check-out.
For payment plan requests, please email: admin@transcendllc.co