Mindful Me Time
Spring Edition

Using the Art of Meditative Inquiry to Reset + Reboot for 2021

May 23rd, 2021
9:30am–12:30pm, 1:30pm-5:30pm

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Are you ready for some Mindful Me Time ?

You need it, we all do. The time, the space, and the power of community to remind us of the goodness of life, the goodness within our hearts, and the goodness in others...including those we might be finding it hard to see eye-to-eye with.  

This Mindful Me Time 1-Day Retreat will provide the sacred space for you to do that....to slow things down, breathe, and have some time for yourself so you can RE-MEMBER. This is an invitation for you to say yes to you!

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As life continues to get busier and our spaciousness continues to shrink, mind chatter & breaking news continue to occupy our thinking space, combining home, office, and school clutters our physical space, and the events of the world around us and within us, are closing in on our heart space.  

Busyness is often used as a false refuge, a perpetual state of reacting blindly to ongoing demands. We start living by default, sleepwalking our way through life, disconnected not only from ourselves but also from those we love, and to what we want most in life.  

Sounds about right?

Come together, connect with ourselves and each other, making space for the important things that deserve our loving presence, and get clear on what needs to shift so we can experience 2021 more fully.

By leveraging the art of meditative inquiry, this one-day retreat will support you in reflecting on and honoring life, finding clarity on what your hearts desires most, and building your resilience for whatever else life may bring your way.    With practices of mindfulness and compassion, framed in neuroscience and supported by brain-based transformation techniques, and mindful movement and facilitated embodiment practices, we’ll invite a letting go of attitudes and mind states that lead to stress and suffering and deepen those that support well-being, happiness, and freedom of heart.

What you can expect

This one-day immersive experience will support you in deepening your connection to your personal power and help you make space for new miracles to emerge in your life!

  • Are you ready to connect with yourself in a way that provides valuable clarity?
  • Are you ready to explore an alternative to the busyness and chaos or your demanding life?
  • Are you excited to be in community and connect with like-minded souls on the same mission to creating a more calm and joyful life?
  • Are you ready to milk 2020 for all the goodness and wisdom it has to offer?
  • Are you ready to boost your resilience for whatever 2021 has in store?
I'm REady!
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This one-day retreat is very carefully designed to support you in:

  • Slowing down and tapping into the power of stillness and the wisdom of your inner guide
  • Practicing powerful ways of connecting to the heart and learning the language of the soul
  • The most powerful lessons from the groundbreaking events and personal experiences of 2020
  • Letting go of the habitual thought, emotion, and behavior patterns that might be getting in your way
  • Finding clarity on what’s important, on a soul level
  • Learning practical and powerful ways of boosting your resilience so you can “ride the waves” of this crazy beautiful life with more calm and joy
  • Using the power of movement to truly embody what your soul desires most, integrating the mind, body, and soul connection

Come sharpen your saw and lean in to the hope of a better tomorrow with the wisdom of lessons from 2020.

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What’s Included:

  • Full day virtual event guided meditation practices, journaling prompts and community knowledge sharing
  • Transformation Worksheets + Brain-based Implementation Plan
  • Facilitated mindful movement and embodiment practices facilitated by world famous yogi, Cristi Christensen
  • Lifetime access to recordings of the mindfulness talks and guided meditation practices
Your Intructors
Rain Jarrett, smiling at camera

Sky Jarrett

Sky Jarrett is a Transformational Leadership Coach and Mindfulness Instructor helping parent leaders stress less and live more! With combined expertise in brain-science, mindfulness, and leadership effectiveness, Sky supports her clients in cultivating the skills to unlock deep, life-changing personal transformation.

Having travelled the world supporting and speaking to corporate leaders, and community members across Europe, Asia, North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America for clients like Google, Enterprise, Carnival Cruise Line, Blue Cross Blue Shield, hp, and others, Sky has made it her life work to continue spreading her expertise, life lessons, and the gifts of mindfulness beyond the corporate walls.

Sky believes in living a life of meaning… one that leaves an imprint in the hearts, minds, and souls of the parent leaders she is honored to serve.  

Cristi Christensen

Cristi is a Fire Activator on a mission to shake up the planet! A former elite-level gymnast and platform diver, Cristi trained with the US Olympic diving team as a young adult. After an injury ended her Olympic dreams, Cristi shifted her focus to helping others heal. Known for her dynamic blend of yoga, dance, inspiration and live music, Cristi travels the world leading workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings, and sits on the faculty as a Master Instructor for numerous festivals and conferences in more than 20 countries around the globe.

She is the creator of Soul Fire (her unique style of yoga), and the co-creator of Deep Exhale, and Kirana Yoga School. With over two decades of teaching experience, Cristi knows how to awaken and transform her students lives from the inside out. Her first book, Chakra Rituals: Awakening the Wild Women Within is slated to be released  by St. Martin's Press worldwide in 2021.

Cristi has been the face for yoga & lifestyles brands such as Exhale Spa, Loews Hotel Hollywood, Satya Yoga Wear, and Ananda Soul Creations, and has graced the covers of Yoga Journal, Om Yoga, Self, and LA Yoga. When she is not teaching, globe-trotting, or empowering others, you’ll likely find me dancing and doing back flips on Venice Beach!

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