Every leader wants to win, in business and in life, but many struggle because the rules keep changing. The rate of change is the fastest it has ever been and the slowest it will be... 


Thriving as a leader in the pressurized, fast-paced environment of the 21stcentury requires a new way of leading.


Transcend LLC equips leaders and teams with the tools required to:


  • maximize their leadership effectiveness,

  • achieve an even higher level of business performance,

  • and live a better quality of life!


Our services take a strong brain-based, performance-focused approach to providing:


  • 360-degree and other behavioral assessments;

  • individual coaching to c-level executives and emerging high performers; 

  • team development coaching helping teams maximize their ability to collaborate, problem solve, and innovate more effectively;

  • curriculum design and training delivery for leadership development programs, workshops and retreats;

  • mindfulness and mindful leader offerings to promote increased productivity and resilience;

  • riveting keynote addresses. 

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