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Rain & Sky Jarrett

Rain and Sky Jarrett here! We're two soul sisters on a mission to help parent leaders experience life more fully! A life filled with more joy, more ease, and more liberation! Mindfulness has continued to show up for us and our clients in powerful ways. We’re excited to welcome you on this journey with us and look forward to seeing how this life strategy enriches your life too!


We know you’re here because you’re interested in deepening the gifts of mindfulness in your life...we’re so glad to have you! 

One day, you’ll say to yourself “I wish I had done this sooner”, and in that moment, you can respond “How wonderful it will be to live the rest of my life this way! ”~ Corey Muscara / Mindfulness Teacher

Building a daily mindfulness practice will change the way you live and experience the rest of your life! Imagine a life with:
More ease and calm
More balance
More joy 
More resilience and resourcefulness! 
Achieving these results starts with a lifestyle change that requires planning.


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